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Achievers' Philosophy

Current times are defined by rapid changes being driven by technology and innovation. Preparing children for a different tomorrow means that they need to be educated differently today. It is at the core of the Achievers' philosophy, and since 2008, we are educating children for Tomorrow and not for Today.

The Achievers School is a vanguard school in 21st-century education, offering the CBSE curriculum coupled with world-class experiential learning methodologies. Children are at the centre of our universe, and we endeavour to provide a personalized learning experience to every child.

We at Achievers channelize their energy and motivate them to discover and nurture their multiple intelligences to the best of their potential. We encourage children to learn concepts, understand their real-life implementations, and grow up making their discoveries & decisions.

We create a community of teachers, parents, friends, and society around students for instilling values, developing life skills, and ensuring complete wellness (body, mind & soul) of the child, which is essential for the future. In this community, we encourage students to compete with themselves rather than with others and build their future on the strong foundation of their thoughts, creativity, talent, and communication.

The school is a learning campus designed on the concept of small learning communities, where each child feels secure and homely. It supports various learning modalities and provides a unique educational experience and caters to the seamless blend of academics, sports, performing arts, community, and experiential learning programmes. The globally researched infrastructure design enhances the learning outcome of each child who gets prepared to become a lifelong learner and a global citizen.

The Achievers School's journey towards educational excellence was initiated by a team of professionals who have the commitment towards the quality, broad vision, exposure to the world best practices and most importantly, have the daring to think big and build the best school for grooming today's children into contributing citizens of tomorrow.


Awards & Achievements

Awards - Innovative CBSE School
Awards - Excellence In STEM Education
Awards - Excellence In Blended Learning
Awards - Excellence In Blended Learning
Awards - Excellence In STEM Education
Awards - Innovative CBSE School

Parents' Testimonial

“ What Parents say about us? "

We believe that along with the school, parents to have a significant role in the education of the child. We consider them to be our partners in the child's education and engage with them positively from time to time. We are always open to listen to their feedback and learn from it with open minds.

Parents' constant, unwavering support strengthens us.
A big Thank You!
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