“Assess to Grow rather than to Show.”

Assessment Pattern - The Achievers School

Assessment Pattern - The Achievers School

Regular assessment is an essential part of the learning process. It helps us to remain focused on goals and understand the real progress made by a learner. Being a CBSE school, we follow the assessment process as prescribed by the CBSE and update it from time to time as per guidelines provided by the CBSE.

We believe that the assessment process should also be used as a diagnostic tool to understand the gaps in understanding and application of knowledge, thus helping students to learn better. Hence, along with the CBSE recommended processes, we have integrated various other forms of the assessment process in our learning cycle, which ensure that:

  • Assessments are not focused on evaluation; instead, they help children to learn better.
  • Assessment is holistic and covers intelligence, skills, knowledge, and all other such parameters.
  • We do not measure everyone with the same yardstick.

Feel free to get in touch with us to know more about our unique assessment processes, which can help the child to learn better.