“Compete to Learn rather than to Win.”

Academic Competitions - The Achievers School

Competitions offer a chance for students to gain substantial exposure to benchmark themselves at the city, state, national, or international level. Students get an opportunity to showcase skills, analyse, and evaluate outcomes. 

The experience of this exposure improves the personal aptitude of a student. Competitions also encourage students to adopt innovative techniques and develop their ideas and skills. 

At Achievers, we provide ample opportunities in the average student life and expose students to a realistic outlook towards the competitive nature of real life. We do encourage our children to participate in various national and international Competitions, Seminars, Scholarship tests (like National Talent Search and others), Olympiads, and other events in all the domains of education. We support them in learning from failures and celebrate their successes.

The Achievers School, every year, organises IMPACT, an Inter-School Competition. The three different age groups get different age-appropriate topics. Students from different schools are expected to showcase their multiple talents by thinking, conceiving & presenting an act on the given social topics.

The Achievers School conducts "Sportathon" – The Achievers School Fest – an interschool tournament for various sports like basketball, football, table tennis. The tournament is focused on developing the right spirit in which a student takes part in any sport. The main components of this tournament are fair play, enthusiasm for the game, generosity to opponents, pluck, winning humbly, and the ability to take a defeat well.