Experiential Learning - The Achivers School

“Experience is the best teacher.”

Experiential Learning - The Achievers School

In today's world, knowledge is easily accessible to all, so it does not matter what you know; rather, it matters what you do with your knowledge.

This concept is at the core of educational planning and delivery at Achievers. Based on our research and the collective experience of our team, we have developed a set of experiential learning processes that are adaptive to the learner's profile and customized to each area of intelligence. They are designed around the process of Design thinking (FITS) and encourage children to...

  • Understand the concepts rather than memorize them.
  • Apply the concepts for finding solutions to their queries and challenges.
  • Be positive and develop a problem-solving attitude instead of a complaining one.

We believe that the best way to learn something is to “Do it.”