Social Initiatives - The Achievers School

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

The Social Service – SEVA activities are designed to help students acquire 21st century skills while students create meaningful change in the world around them. We encourage our children to articulate their ideas for a better world and to put them into action.

Teachers inspire and continuously guide children to be

  • RESPONSIVE to the world around them
  • PLAN a viable SOLUTION
  • Take OWNERSHIP and ACT
  • INSPIRE others and create a POSITIVE IMPACT
  • To know more about our various social initiatives


Clean Nagpur

In the year 2012, the students wished to change the dirty surroundings through an initiative called "Clean Nagpur." The students decided that they will tell everybody which includes their friends, family, and relatives to keep their surroundings clean by using dustbins, being socially responsible human beings, and also remaining and making others aware of maintaining clean surroundings.

Students took charge of keeping the school clean and through the initiative Clean Nagpur, which included poster making, installing tanks for Ganesh visarjan and distributing dustbins to the shopkeepers near the school vicinity, they shared this thought with the whole community. The local news channels covered all the outdoor initiatives, and the message was spread in and across Nagpur through FM radio as well.


Polite Zone

In the year 2013, the students wished to change any impolite behavior they received from their friends, parents, and even teachers. A Politeness Workshop for parents was held within the school where parents realized the importance of the young impressionable hearts and promised to be polite and gentle with their kids. The students of the primary section taught the pre-primary children how and why they should behave politely and the use of the 'Golden Words'. 

Through a medley of activities like role plays, games, and poster making involving parents also our students got the opportunity to voice their views on acceptable behavior standards, how it could impact their future and personality and why it should be taken up seriously and spread to the entire community. After implementing the same after about a month the kids seemed more at ease and happier and so did the parents and the teachers.


Learning Together

In 2014 Grade 3, students decided to help their classmates who had a learning problem. They wanted to help in his learning by learning together with him. They helped him cope with reading, writing, and all the subjects they study. Eventually, their friend became confident more than anything else and began to find interest in his studies. He felt like putting efforts as he felt accepted by his classmates. He could realize his potentials and strengths, therefore, feeling good about himself as well.


Chalo Phir Se Swarg Banaye

After the devastating floods of Kashmir shook the entire nation, the students of The Achievers School decided to do something to help those disaster-affected people. They wanted to raise funds enough to make a difference. Students chose to create paintings that eventually they framed to be put up for an exhibition cum sale. The exhibition was a huge success as many paintings were sold and a whopping Rs. 51,000/- was gathered. This was proudly sent to the "Prime Minister's relief fund."


Little Former

In 2015 while planning for the science exhibition, the children came up with an excellent idea. They wished to convert a surrounding dull-looking wasteland filled with useless shrubs and bushes into a green farm filled with different herbs and vegetables. Under the guidance of our experienced gardener, the children learned how to make the land ready for farming, and then they sowed various crops.

They diligently watered and took care of the land until the crops started sprouting from beneath the soil and, in no time, wasteland completely converted into a lush green piece of land! Students, parents, and teachers were so excited to harvest healthy vegetables and make good food out of it. Now we have a lush green farm always ready for us to pick some herbs and plants of our choice.


Plastic Free Nation

We always share about current happenings with students. In the month of late August and early September 2018, there were two important events happening around us; one was Devastating floods in Kerala, and the other was Plastic Ban imposed in Maharashtra. 

During discussions, children identified a unique opportunity to contribute to both initiatives by making paper bags and selling it to people around their school and home so that they can make everyone aware of the problems of using plastic bags and also collect funds for Kerala flood victims. 

As part of the initiative, children made more than 200 Decorated Paper Bags and more than 1000 newspaper bags. A sale of bags was organized in the school campus, and students also visited small vendors near their house and sold paper bags to them at a very reasonable price.  

Through this initiative, they collected around Rs. 10,000/-, which they donated to "Kerala Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund". We still work through various efforts to spread the word around about not using the plastic bags and material for the conservation of nature and safety of animals.


Think Green - Go Green (Green School Award)

One of the Sewa club members shared with other members of the club about the Green school Awards being announced by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi, and the audit process around it. Everyone agreed that this is an excellent opportunity to share about green school practices with all students, teachers, and parents of the school. 

For the Green School Certificate audit, a team of students was selected to do the audit process and prepared a report covering a wide range of subjects like the quality of Air, water conservation, sanitation, renewable energy, agriculture, climate change, waste management, and soil conservation. The entire work was undertaken with the guidance of teachers and staff of the school. 

The efforts of students were rewarded with the Green School Certificate award being given to the school at the hands of CSE Director-General, Mrs. Sunita Narain, in New Delhi.

The School campus has been designed based on the Green building concept and various activities like usage of paper bags, making compost pit in school, special assemblies based on environment, honoring guest with saplings are an inseparable part of the school culture.

The Achievers School passionately commits to habituate the green practices in and around us in the coming future and contribute to providing a healthy environment to all our students.


Zero Hunger Drive (World Food Day)

With this initiative, students of Achievers decided to contribute to the global challenge of Hunger by running a "Zero Hunger Drive" in their city on the occasion of World Food Day (16th Oct). 

As part of the initiative, child along with teachers set up stalls at various important locations in Manish Nagar area, Nagpur city. At booths, children interacted with people moving around the stalls. They spread awareness of the drive and collected the food for a donation from them for the needy people and children. They received food items like Rice, Wheat, Wheat Flour, Cooking Oil, Food Grains, Dry Food items, Biscuits, Vegetables (Onion, Potato), and others. 

Students got an overwhelming response on the stalls, and it was an enriching experience all the people involved in the initiative. To continue this chain of kindness, the students took a challenge to transfer the same positivity to unknown people. Collected food was donated to a residential school of special children, poor people at a construction site, and a school of deaf and dumb children in Nagpur. 

Giving is not just about donating; it's about making a difference. Happiness is only real when shared.


Developing Empathy (Special Children School)

Sewa club at Achievers provides a platform to develop one of the important life skills in our children, i.e., Empathy. As part of it, we encourage our children to visit various institutions like School for Special Children, old-age homes, orphanage, a school for deaf and dumb children, Blind schools, and others. 

This year they visited, Government Deaf & Dumb Residential School, Sonegoan, Nagpur, and Swavalambi Mental Retarded Children's Residential School, Nagpur. It was an excellent experience for the children, and it provided an opportunity for them to understand the world from different perspectives. 

During their visits, they interact with them, play games, have a discussion and try to learn from them like, during a visit to the deaf and dumb school, our children attended the assembly of the school with their children and also sang the National anthem using sign language.

During this visit, they also shared the food collected from "Zero Hunger Drive" with the students of special children and deaf & dumb school. They also served cooked food to them and enjoyed their lunch with their new friends.

All our children had a beautiful day with them, and it will always be in their memories for a lifetime. They left the day with the hope and promise that they will continue this work in the future.


Joy Of Giving (Vastram Bank)

Happiness doesn't result from what we get but from what we give. Keeping this in mind, the Sewa club of our school collaborated with Vastram Bank, an NGO from Nagpur working in the area of cloth donation for many years, to provide a platform for students to share what they have. 

Our students collected the old clothes (washed and ironed) from their houses and donated them to the needy people near Deputy Commissioner of Police Office Compound, Nari Road, Nagpur. Our students not only collected and sorted the clothes but also donated them personally and interacted with people.

Their efforts were praised by Deputy Police Commissioner of Nagpur City and other people present at the distribution function organized by Vastram Bank. This event helped our students to appreciate the joy of giving. 

It is said that when we give cheerfully & accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. The members of SEWA club, along with the teachers, were successful in their mission as they got an overwhelming response from parents and everyone.   


Fight The Virus (Covid 19)

During challenging times of Covid -19, once again, all our staff member realized their responsibility for the society and decided to donate one day of their gross salary to the PM CARES Fund as their small contribution in our fight against Covid – 19. 

Not only that, but they also worked hard to support and share all the messages of the government to all the parents and other members of the society, specifically our students. We all took efforts to ensure that children's education is not hampered and started online classes and interaction with the children, so they remain motivated, focused, and positively engaged during the lockdown duration.