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“Winners do not compete with others; they compete with self.”

Admission Procedure - The Achievers School

Competition is core to life; what matters is, with whom the competition and how. At Achievers, we encourage our children to have fierce competition with themselves rather than with others. We instill the habit of reflection and refinement right from day one. All children are challenged continuously as per their potential and given opportunities to stretch themselves further.

Competition with self helps children to develop a growth mindset, and they start to enjoy learning. The children do not hesitate to ask for help; they are ready to put in the efforts and love taking new challenges. Children are no more afraid of failures and view mistakes as opportunities. They understand that progress takes time, and they keep trying until they succeed.

We also work with parents to share the importance of competing with self and how they can use it to improve the performance of their child without putting them through unwanted stress in life.