“Leaders don’t do different things, but do things differently”

With this belief, we strive to deliver quality education to children with a difference.

Progressive Vision - The Achievers Pre-School

Progressive Vision

Since 2008, right from day one, we are committed to Educate your child for Tomorrow and not for today. We help your child to

  • Discover and Nurture his / her multiple intelligences including life skills.
  • Understand a concept and its application in life by using experiential learning methodologies.
  • Become a life-long self-learner.

Personalized Education - The Achievers Pre-School

Personalized Education

Achievers, we encourage children to express their ideas and thoughts verbally and through pictures and do things by themselves. The children are allowed to ask questions and are applauded for out of the box questions and answers. We maintain max 22 students in each section, thus enabling more attention to each child.

The education framework allows students to learn things as per their own pace and interest from the mentors who are experts in their fields. It enables them to learn things beyond the prescribed syllabus and become self-learners.

Parent as Partners - The Achievers Pre-School

Parent as Partners

We understand that parent has a vital role to play in the child education and hence we accept and treat them as partners in their child’s education. We are always open to have discussions with parents about their child need for education. We also various interesting sessions for parents to enable them to be better partner in their child’s education.

Caring and Compassionate Mentors - The Achievers Pre-School

Caring and Compassionate Mentors

Caring and Compassionate Mentors are key to students learning in pre-school. Over the years, our mentors and processes have evolved to be best suited for educating children for Tomorrow. All the mentors are qualified, experienced and extremely patient. Most importantly, each of them is a life-long self-learner. They are caring and good role models for the children.

Academic Research & Quality Cell - The Achievers Pre-School

Academic Research & Quality Cell

Understanding how crucial right kind of education is, especially in the foundation-building years of a child, we have a team which is solely dedicated to formulating a well-organized, quality academic curriculum and breaking them into simplified modules for better understanding of children.

The team focuses on inculcating language skills which help children develop an incredible fluency in their spoken and reading skills which helps them gain command on the language at a tender age. This is primarily the reason for Achievers to become the preferred foundation school for most parents. 

Safe & Professional Infrastructure - The Achievers Pre-School

Safe & Professional Infrastructure

Safety of children is designed in the campus from day one. It has multi-layer security with complete coverage of IP cameras and firefighting equipment with dedicated surveillance and control room.

Our campus is equipped with professional resources, as per global standards, for academic and other activities of the children thus ensuring that l earning a fun and continuous process.

Compact & Vibrant Environment - The Achievers Pre-School

Compact & Vibrant Environment

We have a compact environment which is homely and cozy and gives a feeling of a home away from home for the children. The campus is thoughtfully designed, keeping in mind the learning needs of a child with special areas created for sensorial, gross motor and aesthetic development.

Kratin Edushield - The Achievers Pre-School

Kratin Edushield

Education is the best gift one can give to a child. Edushield is our commitment towards your child education as it safeguards child’s education from getting interrupted in case of any unfortunate events in life. As part of this program, in case of death of the primary earning member of the family, the child’s tuition fees is waived off by the school till the time child continues his/her education at our school.

Reasonable Fee Structure - The Achievers Pre-School

Reasonable Fee Structure

We offer a reasonable fee structure for your child education, considering the quality of education, professional facilities and personalized attention (low student to child ratio).

Our fee structure is affordable and transparent. We have a NO Donation policy for school admission.