Sefety First - The Achievers Pre-School

The safety and security of the children is a priority for us. Our campus is always guarded by security personnel and proper visitor management and access process in followed.

Our whole campus, indoor and outdoor areas are under constant surveillance of cameras and we maintain a backup of about 15 days. CCTV recordings are constantly viewed by authorized personnel during school hours.

Our campus is also fitted with required fire fitting equipment as per norms of the government. Following are some of the important points regarding safety of children.

  • CCTV coverage for the whole campus (indoor and outdoor).
  • Proper visitor management process is followed.
  • Safe arrival and dispersal of students by monitoring of each student.
  • Firefighting equipment are installing in the campus as per govt. norms.
  • Medical room with basic First aid facilities.
  • Doctor on Call.