Transport - The Achievers Pre-School

We provide a safe and comfortable transportation facility from all areas of the city. Our buses and vehicle do the home pickup for the students. Our bus attendants are caring and always ensure that child is handed over to parents only.

All our staff members are well trained in first-aid and handling all emergencies. Transport In-charge regularly inspects our buses and each bus has an on-board phone for emergency handling. Following the safety features of our transportation system.

  • GPS tracking system is installed on the buses.
  • Buses are equipped with all safety equipment as per govt. norms including fire extinguisher.
  • Regular alcohol checks for transport staff with Zero tolerance for any violation.
  • Police verification of all staff members.
  • Lady conductors on bus.

We also conduct random alcohol test for transport staff and as per policy, we have zero tolerance for it. Police verification of all the staff members is also conducted at the time of hiring.