The Location - The Achievers Pre-School

The Location

The Achievers School is established in fastest growing area of Nagpur, the upcoming metro region in Besa & Beltarodi. A lot of thinking has gone into building the school campus, keeping in mind the specific needs of young kids.

An attractive campus, with funky, vibrant and colourful interiors and exteriors has been designed with the purpose of making kids look forward to coming to school every morning with excitement and enthusiasm. The interiors make every child feel welcomed and cared for. Kids get fascinated towards the school by just seeing its exciting, bright and colourful infrastructure. The campus design also builds curiosity and fascination in every child’s mind, also leading him/her to explore hidden talent with self confidence, independence and concentration. The school building boasts of modernly styled classrooms is surrounded by landscaped garden and playground for kids to play around merrily. Stylish atrium provides a conducive environment for learning. The entire school has been air-cooled considering Nagpur’s hot weather.

Administration Centre - The Achievers Pre-School

Administration Centre

It is strategically located on the campus and properly equipped with the resources so that proper oversight can be maintained on the campus without intrusion into day to day activities of the campus.

Administration Centre - The Achievers Pre-School
Class Room - The Achievers Pre-School

Class Room

A colourful classroom with comforting and friendly environment creates a very positive atmosphere, favouring enhanced learning and overall development of students.

The classrooms are well lit and ventilated, fully equipped with the necessary infrastructure for better learning and carefree stay of students.

Some classes are also held in the open environment of the school garden and Activity Huts so that the monotonous environment does not cause hindrance to students’ active learning. Activities are arranged in the school’s green campus to encourage students to interact with and learn from their natural surroundings

Audio Visual Room - The Achievers Pre-School

Audio Visual Room

To make classroom learning more effective and engaging, a special Audio-Visual room has been set up with an LCD Projector and Multimedia. AV Room is used regularly to showcase subject specific and general presentations to the students.

Thus making every child already acquainted with technological advancements, The AV room also helps every single child to be an active participant in his or her own intellectual development, and walk the staircase of increasing academic complexity to reach a level of academic readiness for college, career, and life in a global world.

Audio Visual Room - The Achievers Pre-School
Activity Room - The Achievers Pre-School

Activity Room

There are hundreds of articles of Montessori equipment in the Intellectual Development room. Working on different equipment’s, for instance, the “Pink Tower”, as in this picture, helps the students to enhance their logical thinking. The purpose of playing/working on these teaching aids is to develop the hand-eye coordination of students. There also are specific equipment’s and teaching aids to develop the students’ sense of touch, smell, etc. and help them learn many new concepts.

Library - The Achievers Pre-School


A Library has been set up with adequate number of books to cater to the needs of both the students and the staff. A wide range of books of educational interest are available to support our students’ academic & intellectual progress. The students are encouraged to use the library and are introduced to the habit of seeking for information through project work. In addition, students have access to periodicals, audio-visual resources and the Internet facilities. The Library also supports archiving of the school’s various learning resources and records.

Stories are inspiring and insightful. We therefore have a wide collection of positive books and Touch & Tell books in our library. We believe that it is at this stage that students learn to hold, see through, visualize and appreciate the books. Books not only enrich the experiences and imagination power of kids but also provide them with concrete information on various subjects.

Library - The Achievers Pre-School
Medical Room - The Achievers Pre-School

Medical Room

The school places great importance on health and safety of the students. School has an emergency medical room with bed and basic medical facilities. A pediatrician (child doctor) visits on call in case of emergency. In its modern and kids-friendly setting, the medical centre maintains high standards of hygiene and a well-documented system of students’ health records. The medical staff arranges for routine medical treatment as well as health promotion activities such as an annual check-up, and dental and ophthalmologic camps.

Sand Pit - The Achievers Pre-School

Sand Pit

Toddlers love the sand pit and spend hours digging, building, scooping, carrying, moulding and scraping, which help them develop gross and fine motor skills. Playing in the sand makes kids muscularly strong. When they dig, shovel, lift, carry, tunnel and rake or pour, sift, mould draw, pat and decorate, developing both their gross (large muscles) and fine motor (small muscles). Sand pit play also develops an understanding of basic science and math’s concepts and kids learn to explore, classify, estimate, experiment, compare, count, measure and construct.

Sand Pit - The Achievers Pre-School
Water Pool - The Achievers Pre-School

Water Pool

We have a kid’s friendly pool which is one of the most enjoyed facilities in our play school. Our pool is well maintained and we take special care of the hygiene and safety of the kids.

The sportive little ones enjoy the splash pool facility to beat the heat of the scorching sun. They put their swim suits on and enjoy the water games.

Sports Facility - The Achievers Pre-School

Sports Facility

Structured physical education and sports curriculum in Achievers school environment uplifts mental and physical conditioning of students.

Achievers believes that sports not only develops a student in physically aspect but also improves his concentration, life skills which in return benefits a student seamlessly.

Sports Facility - The Achievers Pre-School
Indoor play area - The Achievers Pre-School

Indoor play area

We have an indoor hall equipped with various resources for children to perform various physical and performing art activities like dance, music, indoor sports and others.

This hall also acts as our daily assembly ground for us. Daily assembly for preschool children is essential and develops many life skills in them like developing stage confidence, communication skills and others.

Outdoor Play - The Achievers Pre-School

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is one of the things that characterize childhood. And as Lord Nuffield once said, the best preparation for adulthood is to have a full and enjoyable childhood. Outdoor playing help develop aptitudes and attitudes that help children deal with reality better. Outdoor playing teaches children the arts of exploring, risk-taking, developing of fine and gross motor and absorbing of vast amount of basic knowledge.

The Achievers School play area is designed considering safety issues and play equipment accessibility under adult supervision.

Outdoor Play - The Achievers Pre-School
Playground - The Achievers Pre-School


Physical development of pre-school children is very essential and hence apart from outdoor play station, we do have outdoor playground where children can do various physical activities like drills, fitness games and also play outdoor games on green grass without having the fear of being hurt.