Sports - The Achievers Pre School

Participation in sports at the pre-schooling stage shows its benefits not only in terms of physical development but the impact goes far beyond and can positively impact the child’s mental, emotional, and social development. ‘The Achievers pre-school’ offers a targeted sports curriculum designed to cater to the varying needs of different age groups. At the initial stage, they are taught the basics of balance, body space distancing, and eye-hand coordination. Then they move on to basic locomotive skills which include jumping, running, basic gymnastics, and yoga. They gradually move on to manipulative skills which include complex locomotive skills involving props and objects. It is at this that they are introduced to skating, which has a host of benefits such as improved cardiovascular activity, better balance, and reduced stress. The overall objective of our sports and training program is to aid their physical and mental growth while also preparing them for the senior stages.