The Achievers Pre-School has amalgamated the benefits of the world's most popular methodologies like Waldorf, Regio Emilia, Montessori, and multiple intelligence to create its unique curriculum, which makes a child future-ready for 21st century. The aim is to develop concepts and not forced rote learning.

Enquire - The Achievers School

The more a child questions, the more the child learns. Children are filled with an innate curiosity to explore and understand the immediate world around them. They are ready with a plethora of questions which need to be addressed scientifically.

Keeping this in mind circle time for active informal interaction at the very onset of the day helps children speak their mind out and get the answers to the myriad questions brimming in their minds.

Thinking mind serves as a warm-up exercise for the brain and helps them to absorb information throughout the day. 

Children love to ask questions, and we allow them to ask questions as we believe the inquiry method of learning is a boon to the curious mind.

Inquiry helps reinforce the curriculum content and helps children understand the core concepts. When a concept sparks curiosity, it leads to increased brain activity in that region in the brain which is responsible for memory creation, and this prepares the brain for learning and remembering skills and concepts.

We give wings to their imagination and uninterrupted moments of exploration using this scientific method of discovery and inquiry.

The mentor usually begins a class with surprises to draw their attention and then gradually provokes the child to ask questions.

The children are given age-appropriate, exciting challenges and adventures, thus making learning desirable and fun rather than dull and monotonous.

Children learn to ask questions, investigate, discuss with their classmates, collaborate and cooperate and come to conclusions.

Enquiry based learning helps children feel satisfied and good about themselves. They learn to take ownership of their learning as they have built an understanding of concepts through their methods & thinking styles. Learning is rewarding, and children enjoy the learning process.

Discover - The Achievers School

Children, if left by themselves in a stimulating environment, are sure to explore the unknown possibilities.

Play-based learning experiences inspire children's interests by creating classroom settings for self-discovery. 

The mentors only facilitate the learning by setting the environment with various materials, and children are free to select activities according to their interests.

To stimulate the child's five senses, a variety of age-appropriate Montessori aids are spread across the room.

Theme based decor and learning spaces encourage each learner to develop physical skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

The mentor acts merely as a facilitator, and this helps in boosting the children's confidence and encourages them to take risks.

The values of self-control, waiting for the turn, sharing, compassion are developed unknowingly in a subconscious manner. The children are free to explore the best way to accomplish a given task at their own pace and independently. 

Grow - The Achievers School

Independence to learn at one's own pace and in a scientific manner that suits each individual's style of learning helps children grow into independent thinkers, acquire the required skill sets, develop the ability to make predictions analyse and solve problems. These lay the foundation of a sound mind and prepare the children for a lifetime.

These qualities stay with the children for a lifetime and help them become mature adults with excellent problem solving and decision-making skills.

The Achievers curriculum structure focuses on balanced growth both physically as well as mentally.

A sound mind resides in a sound body, and hence the children follow a structured physical fitness syllabus which ensures that children not only become physically strong but emotionally too. 

The positive environment of the school also helps in making our little buds grow into beautiful blooms by the time they graduate from kindergarten.

The environment and positive experiences children experience here stay with them for a lifetime and help them become mature adults with excellent problem solving and decision-making skills and a positive outlook to life.