Education Framework - The Achievers School

The Achievers School has designed a unique educational framework; which develops ACTIVE BODY(Hand), THINKING MIND(head) AND HAPPY SOUL(heart) of every child in its care.

Active Body - The Achievers School

A vital part of the child's educational journey incorporates adequate physical activity and positive body experiences; these also help to catalyze the development of self-awareness and self-motivation in them. Our key priority is providing them with the environment for several forms of expression, as well as encouraging the acquisition of physically active lifestyles. An active body is achieved through the right mix of structured and unstructured activities that engage them both physically and mentally. Apart from the activities, the nutritional well-being of the child is a key priority of ours. Paediatric standards and nutritional charts are used to monitor their health and nutrition. The framework emphasizes on creation of healthy habits, mainly because it is easier to form habits at such a tender age, and once formed, they can last a lifetime. On the whole physical fitness forms the cornerstone of our overall educational framework because a healthy mind can reside only in an active body. 

Thinking Minds - The Achievers School

We at "The Achievers" firmly believe that every child is unique, and thus we have a flexible framework that adapts to the strengths and interests of each child. This framework supports the child's curiosity and lets it explore all the avenues for mindful thinking. Pre-Schooling years are a child's first acquaintance with the world around them. Thinking mind makes it a critical developmental phase, therefore we incorporate several benchmarks to track their intellectual progress and mental evolution. Some of the developmental objectives are improving the attention span of the child, helping them control impulse thinking, building a better working memory, and significantly enhancing their planning & execution skills. In brief, our mission is to shape these young minds into persistent, curious, flexible, and collaborative learners for the years to come.

Happy Souls - The Achievers School

As educators, we strongly believe that happier kids are much more creative, aware, and show higher motivation in both individual and group activities. Our child-friendly framework creates an optimal environment for engaging and joyous learning, thus creating highly self-motivated and eager kids. We make sure that teachers and caregivers make the school just like their second home. A spirit of companionship and teamwork is built through group activities, thus making the school a place for fruitful peer learning. Academic learning is made purposeful with the right blend of morals, righteousness, and values. Accordingly, a well-being code is created for children, teachers as well as parents. Overall a safe, comfortable, fair, and friendly environment brings a magical outcome and makes the kid a happier soul. Pre-schooling lays the foundation of the child's personality, and we strive to leave a positive and everlasting impact on it.