Teaching Methodology

The Achievers School Teaching Methodology
The teaching methodology at The Achievers School is very progressive and special. We adapt our teaching to¬†follow children’s needs of learning rather than following a set proposed pattern. We believe a single methodology cannot suit every child, hence a blend of teaching methodologies are applied, that can cater most appropriately to each student’s individual talents and learning styles. What today’s children need and we conscientiously¬†follow are modern, hi-tech and continuously researched methods than the conventional stereo types. A combination of projects, real life exposure, audio visual presentations, experiential learning and brain storming activities are used to make learning fun, exciting and interesting. Here the teacher becomes the group coordinator initiating activity, asking right questions to the students, generating curiosity in students to find the right answer, nurturing students without the phobia of examinations and homework. The objective of our holistic methods is to make children lifelong self-learners.