Social Initiatives

The Farming Project

In 2015 while planning for the science exhibition the children came up with an awesome idea. They wished to convert a surrounding dull looking wasteland filled with useless shrubs and bushes into a green farm filled with different herbs and vegetables. Under the guidance of our experienced gardener the children learn’t how to make a land ready for farming and then they sowed various crops. They diligently watered and took care of the land until the crops started sprouting from beneath the land and in no time waste land completely converted into a lush green piece of land! Students, parents and mentors were so excited to harvest the healthy vegetables and make good food out of it. Now we have a lush green farm always ready for us to pick some herbs and vegetables of our choice.

Chalo Phir se Swarg Basaye

After the devastating floods of Kashmir shook the entire nation the students of The Achievers School decided to do something to help those disaster affected people. They wanted to raise funds enough to make a difference. They decided to make paintings which eventually they framed to be put up for an exhibition cum sale. The exhibition was a huge success as many paintings were sold and a whopping Rs. 51000 was gathered. This was proudly sent to the Prime Minister’s relief fund!

Learning Together


In 2014 Grade 3 students decided to help their classmate who had a learning problem. They wanted to help in his learning by learning together with him. They helped him cope with reading, writing and all the subjects they study. Eventually their friend became confident more than anything else and began to find interest in his studies. He felt like putting efforts as he felt accepted by his classmates. He could realize his own potentials and strengths therefore feeling good about himself as well.

Polite Zone

In the year 2013 the students wished to change any impolite behavior they received from their friends, parents and even teachers. A Politeness Workshop for parents was held within the school where parents realized the importance of the young impressionable hearts and promised to be polite and gentle with their kids. The students of primary section taught the pre-primary children how and why they should behave politely and the use of the ‘Golden Words’. Through a medley of activities like role plays, games and poster making involving parents also our students got the opportunity to voice their views on acceptable behavior standards, how it could impact their future and personality and why it should be taken up seriously and spread to the entire community. After implementing the same after about a month the kids seemed more at ease and happier and so ddid the parents and the mentors.

Clean Nagpur


In the year 2012 the students wished to change the dirty surroundings through an initiative called “Clean Nagpur”.The students decided that they will tell everybody which include their friends, family and relatives to keep their surroundings clean by using dustbins, being socially responsible human beings and also remaining and making others aware about keeping surroundings clean. Students took the charge of keeping the school clean and through the initiative Clean Nagpur which included poster making, installing tanks for Ganesh visarjan and distributing dustbins to shopkeepers they shared this thought with the whole community. All the outdoor initiatives were covered by the local news channels and the message was spread in and across Nagpur through FM radio as well.