Parent Testimonials

Parents’ constant unwavering support strengthens our belief in ourselves. A big Thank You !

The Achievers School parent

Manish M. Kunte


Two years before I was too confused which school to put Krishna in, because at that time we newly came from Philippines and Krishna didn’t know India and English language. Her mental growth was also below average level. But from the day she  joined Achievers school, she grew sharper and smarter with every passing day. Its duly possible because of Achievers school.
Krishna’s attendance record shows how much she likes going to school. Word are too short for me to express my pride and gratitude for Achievers School and its management. We truly appreciate it.

Because of Achievers school Krishna loves it and likes to live in India, so we have decided that as long as we are in India, Krishna will continue her studies with best atmosphere and safe hand of Achievers school.

Thank you.

The Achievers School parent

Shruti Rashatwar


I realized the difference when I shifted to my native place for one year. I took my son’s admission in top school there. But very soon I came to know the Achievers school is better. Therefore I readmitted my son in this school.
The Achievers School taught not only theoretical but practical knowledge too by including various programs like visit to market, fire station etc. I am very happy with the progress of my son.

Thank you !

The Achievers School parent

Dr. Abha C. Prasad


We have found this school a very dynamic institute, implemented many initiatives in their curriculum, which has made it attractive for us and their indulgence with every child is admirable. We have enjoyed many get togethers with this school, especially Grand-parents Day Celebration was very touchy and I felt like I had joined as a child with my parents. Keep such good initiatives in future also, please.

The Achievers School parent-4

Vishal Gaidhane


We all in our family are very happy to have our beloved in Achievers school. We found fantastic changes in her due to school’s hardwork towards each student. The different programs held at school are wonderful and each program is a new learning experience to children and parents as well. The enthusiasm, courage, very good staff and high quality all in one at the Achievers School. We highly recommend this school for every family.

Thanks to The Achievers school.

The Achievers School parent-5



We feel proud that our baby is a part of Achievers school. We appreciate the efforts of teachers and principal. Each and every program they celebrate in school and activities they do in class, we feel grateful. I found positive changes in my child, she also uses the words like thank you, sorry, welcome, please. This polite zone is very appreciable and she is always excited to go to school. She loves her class teacher also. Our other family members also saw the changes in my child. We are very happy with her school.

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